The services we offer.

We offer a unique service with chaperones trained by the charity on all our buses, for the primary school routes.
The volunteers are parents both drivers and chaperones with all relevant CRB checks carried out.
The charity will establish a system with all Roman Catholic schools in Bedford.
The transport relief project will first start at St. Joseph’s RC lower school because there are sixty children in total who travel more than 3miles.
We feel that the journey with other children from different schools will create a great social opportunity for children and encourage their independence. Together we can serve our community; together we can help our community.

The Network Rider may be able to help through a reliable and flexible means of transport:

  • Those struggling to get work, training or college
  • Those living in an area with limited public transport
  • Those finding a placement, but can’t get there
  • Businesses and employees who are struggling to recruit because of their location or transport difficulties.

Hiring service

An important aspect of the Network Rider is the hiring service provided at reasonable rates for social groups and people who might have difficulty affording a commercial coach.
Typical hires for groups and personal activities include school runs, sports clubs’ events, social outings and charity events.

The bus can also be hired on a private basis and can be driven by any driver with a standard car licence. Bookings for private hire can be made by calling co-ordinator.

The Network Rider offers a great opportunity to meet the transport needs in Bedford community
We have been working hard to ensure that all these points are taken into account so that we end up with a good quality service which suits the people involved.

Using The Network Rider transport service

We need the support of you as parents and guardians to provide a successful service.

Parents and guardians are therefore required to:

Using the school buses could not be easier
We need the support of you as parents and guardians. Parents and guardians are therefore required to:

  • Inform The Network Rider of any changes to travel arrangements well in advance. This includes changing days of travel, bus stop pick up or drop off point, or name of person meeting your child (if under 8yrs old). Note that chaperone and driver are not authorised to make these changes on your behalf. All changes must be notified to our office.
  • Ensure that your child is at the bus stop in the morning in good time (we recommend 5 minutes) before your bus is due to arriving. We cannot guarantee that the bus will wait for your child if they are late to the bus stop.
  • Ensure that the person who meets your child in the afternoon is at the stop in good time before your bus is due to arrive. Please be aware that if the person meeting your child is late and you cannot be contacted, the bus will retain your child and complete its route. If we still cannot contact you at the end of the route, arrangements will be made for the safe custody arrangements will be made for the safe custody of your child with the appropriate authorities.
  • Parents are also advised to contact other parents sharing the same drop-off points so that they can ensure that there is always an adult available to meet their children off the bus.
  • Parents are asked not to leave their children unattended while waiting for the morning bus. The School, the Network Rider cannot take responsibility for the children until they are on the bus. They will then be in the care of an adult.
  • Our chaperons or drivers are supplied each week with a passenger register, listing your child’s name, which bus stop they use and which school they are going to. Drivers will strictly follow the information provided.
  • Your child’s safety is our highest regard. Therefore it is vital that this information is accurate as any errors or omissions may mean your child may not be collected or set down at the correct bus stop.
  • Parents and pupils may not negotiate with the bus Hire Company or driver any pick up or drop off point other than those designated by Network Rider. Support the Network Rider in helping to maintain good behavior on the bus, by talking to your child about safety issues:
  • Seat-belts must be worn at all times when the coach is moving. All passengers must remain seated while Seat-belts must be worn at all times when the bus is moving. All passengers must remain seated while a bus is in motion. Junior and Infant School pupils may not sit in the front two rows of the bus.
  • In the event of children missing the return bus, please ensure that your child knows what he/she should do. He/she may wait in the School until collected or arrange for another family to take them home.
  • Keep contact details including phone numbers up to date at all times.
  • Pupils are responsible for their own belongings. The bus charity will bring back any left belongings to their Depot. Belongings not collected within a month will go to Charity
  • Note – for safety, we are only able to pick up children at our designated bus stops.
  • We are not permitted to pick up or set down at any point without a designated bus stop. Pupils may not use the bus for any journeys for which they are not normally scheduled, on either their own or other routes, unless prior agreement has been given by The Network Rider. Pupils may not use the bus to take to or bring home from School anyone who is not a member of the scheme, unless prior arrangements by The Network Rider. Any queries regarding the delayed arrival of the bus, morning or afternoon, should be referred to The Network Rider. Please be patient at the start of implementing any of our new bus routes. We will be monitoring time between each bus stop, mornings and afternoons for 2 weeks.
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