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Q1. What is the distance of your child’s school from home?
 Less than a mile More than two miles Less than five miles More than six miles

Q2. Where do you live?

Q.3 How does your child usually travel to school?
 Travels individually Travels in a group Travels with parents Travels with sharing a vehicle

Q4.Do you feel that the current travel options for your child/ Children is convenient?
 Strongly feel so Yes, I feel so Somewhat feel so Don't feel so

Q5. What would you suggest as an alternative travel option to school?
 No Yes, Network Rider as an alternative travel option to school

Q6. How much on average do you spend on travelling from school to home and home to school every month?

Q7. Do you want to support the Network Rider charity and pass the information to others?
 No Yes

Q8. Please explain the difficulties you are having (if any) about school travel?


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