Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can siblings travel together in the same bus if they go to different school?
In most cases, yes, as we are organising the buses by routes and not by schools.

2. What is the longest amount of time that the bus will take from start to finish?
It will depend on where you live, but usually from 10 to 50 minutes. The morning run is generally quicker than the afternoon.

3. Are the bus stops close to the schools on arrival?
Yes, we drop the children outside their school. We have established a system with most of the schools, whereby they provide an usher for the children between the bus and the school. We also have chaperones inside all our buses.

4. Are the pickup points within walking distance from our home?
We try to do our best to make the bus stops as close to a group of families as possible. The pickup points in your area will depend upon demand at the time of the booking.

5. How much will it cost?
The network Rider’s main purpose is to provide a free transport service for children who receive free school meals and those who are not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET).

6. Will the junior school children have to wait for their older siblings?
Sometimes, depending on the bus route. The schools are willing to provide a siblings club for those who have to wait.

7. What will happen if my children have after school clubs?
At the moment we are only running one bus timetable in the afternoons, but, according to demand, next year we might introduce a late bus for the after school clubs.

8. Is there someone on hand to accompany the young children in the bus?
Yes, apart from the driver there will be a chaperone provided by Network Rider. All the chaperones are CRB (criminal records) checked. They will supervise children’s safety, coordinate with parents and assist the driver.

9. How would the chaperone know who is authorised to take the bus?
The chaperones carry a list of the children using their bus and the contact numbers for their parents/ carers, plus contact numbers for each child’s school.

10. What happens if we arrive late to the bus stop in the mornings?
The bus is only allowed to wait if it arrives early; otherwise it must proceed on to the next bus stop. You should call the chaperone and can catch up with the bus at a later stop.

11. What happens if we arrive late to pick up our child/children in the evening?
You must immediately call the chaperone and let him/her know. If they have sufficient time they might wait for you at their discretion. Otherwise the bus will travel on and you must pick your child up at a later stop.

12. What happens if my child is ill and will not be going to school that day?
You should send a text message to both our office (07411 388 000) and your bus chaperone, as soon as you know, so that we don’t worry about your child and avoid delays with the bus.

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