Project’s impact

The impact in the environment will be enormous:

  • The community will benefit by the reduction of traffic congestion during rush hours.
  • Reducing the congestion will help us move towards a better environment by reducing pollution and improve local air quality.
  • Schools won’t have the stress of high numbers of cars driving around and the complaints of the local residents would definitely decrease.
  • Children would travel more safely and would become more independent. They will get some extra fun time with other friends.

The Network Rider has been set up to make it easier to get your children to school The Network Rider has taken into consideration the following important points:

  • Children’s safety
  • Pick up points: The children do not have to walk too far
  • Price: A big concern, especially for the parents with more than one child and low- income households.
  • Siblings travelling together to differing schools.
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