Measures & Actions

Detail proposed actions and measures for achieving the objectives above.

Catholic Roman schools and others

Home to school transport entitlements could enable children to benefit from education in specialist or faith schools, or those offering alternative ways of learning through the more flexible 14-19 years old curriculum.

However, where budgets are constrained, changes to the transport services by limiting the ages, miles and qualifying schools as main criteria for eligibility could have a particularly strong impact on people in low income households, and they might be vulnerable to the effects of the costs of the travel, particularly those who have more than one child.

This can cause low-income households to send their children to their nearest school even if they would prefer them to be educated elsewhere. In return this may have a negative impact on the achievements of their children.

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 is intended to help achieve the Government’s aim for every child to get education they need to enable them to fulfil their potential.

In order to reduce frustration caused by the eligibility criteria and lack of choice for those willing to educate the children from school of their choice; and helping children and young people to achieve their full potential and make Bedford an even better place for people to live.

Alongside traditional bus services, the community transport sector exists to provide an additional community transport in order to address social exclusion. In line of this, the Network Rider must adhere to this logic; identify the gaps and providing services that plug those gaps.

The Network Rider will make every effort to provide a transport service for all children and young people for aged over 5 and 16 for low-income households subject to supportive evidence. And those who are not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET).

Providing routes to isolated areas where there is no an alternative transport service.

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