The percentage of pupils across Bedfordshire achieving 5 or more Grade A to C GCSEs stood at 45% in 2006. This is below the regional and national percentages of 59.1% and 58.5%.

A Level are below those of regional and nationally. (68.33% compared with 70.09%) and therefore below target (the regional score). NVQ Level 4 skills in the population of Bedfordshire remain below those of the region and nationally (24.1% compared with 25.0% and 27.4%) and therefore below target (the regional level).

NVQ level 2 skills in the population are also below the regional and national average and Bedfordshire’s NEET targets reflect a below regional average performance, although due to the Nature of NEET individuals often not being registered with any organisations, such as Connexions, the data about the NEET group and unknown NEET individuals is not definite.
Bedfordshire’s Sustainable Communities Strategy (2007) The Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the long-term vision for improving the quality of life in Bedfordshire.
Sustainability is a key element within this strategy with the transport element placing particular emphasis on the reduction of congestion. Dissatisfaction exists with the quality, quantity and costs of public transport.
Negative impacts on neighbourhoods and health due to traffic related issues (for example congestion, pollution and road safety).
This is a vitally important opportunity for agencies to work together more effectively to deliver better services to the people of Bedfordshire. The County Council is working closely with its local partners to support this strategy and to create a sustainable community by addressing economic, social and environmental needs.

There is a large evidence base that supports the concern that the cost of public transport is a barrier to its use. The Government Social Exclusion Unit found that many people considered the cost of public transport was high or unaffordable; one in four young people had not applied for a job because of transport problems.

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